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KDA 2016 Ballet I

Welcome to Katura Dance Academy!!

Thank you so much for visiting!!  We would love to have you join our family! 

The Katura Dance Academy (KDA) is an award-winning dance studio offering quality dance classes to all ages at affordable rates.  We will make sure the students feel like family in our warm and supportive environment.  We offer an exciting range of styles and they guarantee our identity in the community to be original.  We want to reach all people!  Our goal is to not only esteem the Arts, but make the Arts tangible to students who otherwise would not have the opportunity.  

KDA has a fresh approach to the dance discipline.  It will be a comfortable environment where students of all backgrounds and skill levels will be able to express themselves creatively while learning the best technique for the specific style of dance.  We will also to have a safe and clean atmosphere and all age appropriate.  Our encouraging instructors and I will help students not only develop their skills and ability but also develop their confidence.  Whether their goal is to pursue dance as a potential in the future, to try something new, exercise, or just for fun, our goal at KDA is to make sure their need is met.


To see all the classes we offer, CLICK HERE


Ballet: Consists of barre and center work.  Ballet training is essential to a dancer’s progression.  It develops and strengthens muscles, as well as improves coordination and flexibility. Black Leotards, pink tights (foot-in), and leather or canvas pink ballet slipper (Split-sole suggested for ages 7+),  ballet skirt is optional. Learn More


Hip Hop: Come to this class to sweat, learn the latest dance moves, and for FUN!!  We will explore West Coast, East Coast, and South influences.  Hip Hop has grown so much and this class will explore all styles birthed from it. Any comfortable clothing! Express your creativity and personality!  Dark Sneakers or Black Combat Boots.  But please don’t wear sneakers/street shoes that you wear outside or daily. NO JEANS Learn More


Tap: Tap is an exciting style where the dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beat. Black leotard, or dance top, black bottoms (dance shorts or jazz pants)  Black, flat, tap shoes (with the shoe strings or slip-ons). Learn More